Here you will find a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not listed here, please get in touch and we’ll be sure to clear things up. To view answers, please click on the question. We hope you find them useful. 


What does your branding package include?

Please download the Gingerlime branding package for details and prices. If you are unsure of anything on the document or have a question, please do get in touch.

How does your branding process work?

We know how to build iconic brands. We understand that each and every project is unique and requires a bespoke solution. While our process remains the same, our creativity and knowledge is forever evolving to accommodate the needs of our clients.  The following five steps outline how we will approach your project:

STEP ONE - CONSULTATION & BOOKING: Before we begin the project it is important to ensure that we are on the same wavelength. After your initial inquiry, we will set up a meeting, call or Skype session where we will discuss your business goals, values and vision. We will then put together a proposal/contract for you to consider, sign and send back to us.

STEP TWO - RESEARCH & DISCOVERY: We will begin investigating your sector and researching your competitors. To aid us in this step we will send you the Gingerlime branding questionnaire to fill in so that we can learn all the details about your business.

STEP THREE - INSPIRATION & IDEAS: And so it begins! Here we will brainstorm concepts and begin to set the overall tone of your new brand. Taking into account all that we have discussed and the questionnaire you filled in earlier, we will create a colour palette and mood board to make sure we are heading in the right direction. Only the best and most applicable ideas will be developed.

STEP FOUR - DESIGN & BUILD: Once we have completed the mood board, we will then begin creating the cornerstone of your new brand, the logo. The logo design process will take roughly two weeks to complete after which you will receive several logo concepts to choose from. We want you to love your new logo as much as we do!

STEP FIVE - FINE TUNE & LAUNCH: Once your logo is finalised we will begin creating your very own brand guideline. Here you will see the entire design concept come together, complete with your new logo, sub-mark, colour palette, fonts, patterns/textures and more! We will also begin creating your social media and print designs, such as business stationary. Then it’s time to launch your new brand!

What is your branding turn around time?

Brand design projects take roughly 6 to 8 weeks. Projects that require branding, print design, and digital services can take anywhere from 4+ months. These are, of course, estimates as timings vary depending on the complexity of individual projects, the number of changes, the client response time and our current booking schedule.

What is your payment breakdown?

Before we begin your branding project a 50% deposit is due upon contract signing (non-refundable). The second and final payment (50%) is due at project completion/design approval from client and before any final files are delivered.


Do custom design all your websites?

Each and every website project is a unique design ensuring you have a one of a kind website. We don’t use templates because we want each website to reflect the business it's advertising. It is important that your brand is tied in well with your website.

How does your website process work?

STEP ONE - WEBSITE DESIGN: Website design projects take roughly 4 weeks. The design process will begin once you receive our website questionnaire. You will need to provide us with all the necessary web content and images for each page of the site. Soon after you will receive a mock up of your website to review. Because your website is so important to your business, we want to make sure it’s perfect, so we encourage you to come see us or arrange a call to go though the design and make the necessary changes. Once the design is approved, we will begin development.

STEP TWO - WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT: Once the design is finalised, we will send it to our team of expert developers, who take our designs and bring them to life. This will take a approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Once the site has been built you will have an opportunity to make a few tweaks to get your website finished to perfection. Your website will be integrated with a Content Management System that requires no coding from your end. You will receive a short video tutorial explaining how to use and make changes to your site. It’s that simple. Your are now ready to launch your new website! 

*Please note we do not host the websites we design, however we can make recommendations based on your needs.

Will the website be responsive?

All our websites are responsive as standard, this enables optimal viewing on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Although a responsive website takes longer and costs more to develop than a fixed width website, is well worth the initial investment. With the ever increasing use of mobile devices, being responsive will enable your website to be more accessible to a wider audience.  

What is your payment breakdown?

Before we begin your website we will ask you to complete the 40% deposit payment. Before the development stage begins we will require a further 40%. The final 20% will be required before we upload the website to your servers. Please note that all deposits are non-refundable.


Do you offer different album styles?

Yes! We have four design styles.

- The Essential album is a culmination of simplicity and modern design. With creative use of negative spacing, it provides a clean and modern look. It is best described as free from distracting elements with a design suited to heighten image appreciation.

- The Definitive album, our most popular style, is a fusion of classic and contemporary. It integrates edge to edge placement and framed foreground images with background elements such as photo and colour gradients. It is well suited to colourful events/photography and builds a vivid and compelling storybook.

- The Avant-Garde album is characterised by bespoke framing and background elements.This design style utilises colour and photo gradients, shapes, lines and bespoke hand drawn elements to give that something extra to a beautifully designed album.

- The Talbum® is a new product that combines the best of traditional album design with the convenience and practicality of modern technology; essentially an album made for tablet viewing. A Talbum® allows you to instantly share the memories of your special day with friends and family around the world.

Examples of all the different styles can be found in our portfolio under albums or our album brochure is available to download here.

How does your album process work?

The design process will begin by assessing what style would suit your images the best. Here you will get the opportunity to go through different options and ideas to create a one-of-a-kind album. We will then design the first draft of your album, which you can review and make changes to. The final draft will follow soon after. Once your changes are complete and you’re happy with your album design it’s time to send it off to get printed!

What is your album turn around time?

Albums take roughly 4 weeks to design to completion depending on the type of album, the number of pages required, and the client response time with changes. Once the design is complete it will take an additional 6 weeks to be printed as our albums are handmade by various manufacturers around the world including from the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Australia.

What is your payment breakdown?

Before we begin designing your album we will request a deposit payment (non-refundable), which will be 50% of your total album cost. Before the album is sent to print the final 50% will need to be paid.


What payment methods do you accept?

We prefer direct bank transfer as this is usually instant and allows us to begin work as soon as possible. Alternatively we can accept cheques made out to Gingerlime Design or PayPal payments.