About us

Welcome to Gingerlime Design! A collaboration of two creative and like-minded individuals who believe that fresh ideas and high quality service can improve the design world!

Formed in 2014, built on a foundation of friendship, similar interests and an ambition to build a business providing a better product and service for clients both commercial and non-commercial alike. We are small creative agency specialising in business branding and wedding albums. And this is our story...

Having previously worked in the wedding photography industry, we soon realised that the pictures weren’t being appreciated to the fullest. We're all guilty of having thousands of images tucked away on a hard drive at the bottom of our drawers, to be forever forgotten.  All too often we hear of couples looking to bring individuality to their weddings but the album fails to portray this and they end up looking the same! So we decided that instead of conforming to tools commonly used to create albums, we would be different and create something bespoke, from scratch. We create albums that tell a story, something that you will treasure years on end and pass on to family and friends - Lived by you, Designed by us. 

It wasn’t long before we were able to lend our skills to other industries by taking away their common approach; using fresh ideas to create a more personable service and higher quality product. We love what we do and aim to build brands that can withstand shifts in trends by creating timeless designs. Here at Gingerlime, we create value by using that power to build connections between clients and their audiences. We take the time to understand your business’ culture, so you can focus on the business. We’ve been lucky enough to work with a wide range of clients from individuals, photographers, local businesses and Government Councils. So please get in touch and see how we can help you take the next step!

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Chelsea Spinner & Deepa Raghwani


Chelsea Spinner

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Chelsea is our American, coffee loving design ninja. Full of energy and life, she brings a fresh perspective to each and every project she works on. Her illustrations and design work bring great strength to our portfolio, she is a truly talented designer. Chelsea currently resides in a beautiful cosy home in North London along with her husband, Tom and cat Pixel. When she’s not working on her innovative designs, Chelsea can be found tucked away in a pile of books or searching out her next homeware purchase!

Deepa Raghwani

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Deepa is our self-confessed chocoholic, design guru. She loves her job, shows total dedication towards every project and aims to create something truly unique. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge coupled with brilliant design and creative abilities keeps the business moving forward. When Deepa’s not at her computer, she can often be found in the kitchen making mouth-watering goodies! Needless to say, she’s never short of ‘taste testers’!